Nagaland’s First Yravel Social Enterprise Launches Today

Nagaland’s First Yravel Social Enterprise Launches Today

Nagaland’s First Yravel Social Enterprise Launches Today | Source –

Creating more opportunities in the tourism sector for farmers, entrepreneurs, and young educated people alike, Nagaland’s first travel social enterprise, Wander Nagaland, will be launching on November 4.

An initiative of Kevisato Sanyü, who earlier this year founded Naga Homestay, Wander Nagaland is aimed at bringing the world over, who wants to see Nagaland and experience our culture.

This is in line with its vision to create a means for everyday Nagas to generate a livelihood by sharing their cultural and natural heritage. Towards this end, Wander Nagaland also works with a council of elders to protect and retain cultural authenticity during a period of rapid globalization, a release stated.

Putting across that the Nagas and the world have met only recently, Niketu Iralu, an elder at Wander Nagaland, stated that travellers will learn this from their history and impressed upon them to “enjoy their friendliness and their hospitality.”

For Dr Visakhonu Hibo, advisory council member at Wander Nagaland, “The millennial generation of Nagaland are innovative, enthusiastic, articulate and media savvy,” which is why “Wander Nagaland can be their pathway to share, earn and showcase the rich tapestry of Naga culture to the world beyond.”

Sanyü stated that “If anyone has skills they want to share, if they host a cooking class, or teach a traditional dance, or show travellers around their town or village, we want them to contact us. Call us, email us or visit our office. We will get them registered so they can generate a livelihood from their talents.”

The enterprise, which offers transportation, tours, experiences and accommodation, serves as a one-stop shop for tourism in Nagaland where travellers can get the most out of their visit to Hornbill Festival coming this December. This experience-based tourism will offer the opportunity to people from all walks of life in Nagaland, regardless of their background, to exhibit or impart their skills to visitors such as cooking a traditional meal, weaving, storytelling, singing, etc., the release added.

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