About JantaManch.com

At present, all three, print, digital, and TV media focus more on political parties, statements made by politicians, and Bollywood gossip. Audiences, readers get bombarded with such stories throughout the day. This is the main point of difference between the existing media outlets and JantaManch.

India witnesses some or the other election each month. Politicians keep on issuing statements, criticizing each other. However, these silly arguments are of no relevance to the public.

The country is facing a large number of administrative, agricultural, educational, health, security forces related, and environmental issues. Even the entire newspaper or 24-hours of air-time of a news channel won’t be sufficient enough to cover them. But unfortunately, the national and local media keeps its primary focus restricted to statements made by politicians.

Political parties and politicians would keep on changing after every five years. But, problems faced by the common man remain unsolved. Thus, why not cover citizen-centric issues instead of political commentary?

If a common man decides to speak and write about the issues that he faces, small and large media houses ignore them, perhaps, due to TRP and political motivations. JantaManch.com is here to convince such individuals that there is someone in the crowd who is keeping an eye on their issues and highlights them.

Most of the media houses and portals have to worry about their balance sheets and follow their profit model. They can stoop to any level for maintaining the profit levels. JantaManch.com does not have to worry about chasing profits. Simply put, we work with a not-for-profit approach.

The portal won’t offer opinion pieces or news related to statements made by politicians. We neither support nor dislike any political party. JantaManch.com is public’s portal that would highlight issues and problems from selected categories.

We also urge citizens to connect with us and highlight the issues, problems, or even details about the positive change that they have experienced in their day to day life.