Jharkhand: Govt Searching For Spaces To Set Up Covid Centers While Existing Ones Remain Unutilized

Hospital Constructed After Spending Four Crores In Pakuria, (Pakur) Jharkhand Is Lying Incomplete

Hospital Constructed After Spending Four Crores In Pakuria, (Pakur) Jharkhand Is Lying Incomplete | Image Credit: bhaskar.com

With the coronavirus cases rising rapidly, authorities have still not set up sufficient numbers of COVID care centers in Jharkhand. The total confirmed cases in the state are 9,861, with 98 casualties. Hospitals are running out of beds, and the existing COVID-19 care centers are already full. With the increasing cases, the government officials are searching for places to accommodate the affected patients. Hotels and banquet halls around us are being converted into COVID care centers. 

The government is going to all lengths to solve the accommodation crisis. At the same time, Dainik Bhaskar reported that around 42 big and small hospitals and nursing homes are lying empty in different cities. These hospitals and nursing homes were constructed with an expense of about Rs 235 crores but were never inaugurated. Some of these facilities were built around ten years before, but due to the government’s lack of attention, they are lying vacant. 

This attitude of the government is not exclusive to hospitals. There are several health centers, Polytechnic colleges, and women ITI centers that have been constructed without permits and have been left vacant since then. 

A new burn ward with an expense of Rs 40 lakh and a laboratory worth Rs 70 lakh was set up in a nearby Dumka Hospital premises. New Primary Health Centers were constructed in Ramgarh, Jharuadih, and Ranga gaon after spending roughly Rs 1 crore on each. All of these facilities were never inaugurated and remain closed since then. These buildings are in poor condition at present. 

If the government opens these hospitals and healthcare centers for COVID patients, it will help control the spread of the virus to new places. It will not only solve the accommodation crisis in the state but also curb the expenses as there will be no need to rent hotels and banquet halls for care centers.

(Disclaimer: This report has been written by Roza Khatoon from Jharkhand for JantaManch. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of JantaManch.com)

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