Inadequacy Of Seats For DU Staff Members’ Children Since More Than Two And A Half Decades

Delhi University | Image Credit:

Delhi University | Image Credit:

According to the existing ward quota policy of Delhi University, the children of teaching and non-teaching staff are admitted in preferred courses on the basis of merit. The students have to complete the online registration on the official website and then apply for any of the colleges inside the DU campus. A merit list is prepared on the basis of the application forms, and the top three students of teaching and non-teaching staff each, are selected for admission in different colleges. 

This system of enrolling the children of staff members was introduced around 25 years ago. Since then the number of staff has increased considerably but the ward quota was never revised. As per reports published by the Forum, there are around 12,000 teachings and 10,000 non-teaching staff across the Delhi University. With the increasing number of staff, the ward quota seems severely inadequate.

Prof. Hansraj Suman, a member of the DU Power Council, said that it is the dream of every staff to see their children study under Delhi University. But with the existing ward quota, it’s not possible as the Entrance Committee selects only the top three children of the staff and the rest do not get their preferred colleges. She adds that although the syllabus and academics are the same for all the institutes in the campus, the tuition fees differ. In such circumstances, the students who want to study in preferred colleges inside the DU campus are left heartbroken. 

Every year the issue of inadequate seats under the ward quota is debated but with no avail. Prof. Suman said that the proposal of increasing seats under the quota shall be submitted before the Power Council in the upcoming meeting. She said that hopefully the seats will be increased before the start of the new academic session.

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