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Teacher Trainings

Time to time teachers need to attend mandatory internal and external trainings and workshops for continuous enhancement of educational and behavioural skills as well as to get equipped to face new challenges. List of Trainings are given below....
Workshop on Teachers Team work by Virendra Modgil, Principal Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre

Workshop on "Magic of Movement in Early Years" from Next Education on 20-11-2019.

2 days training workshop conducted by Vinora ECS on 7th and 8th March 2020 covering followed topics :

S.  No.  

Module Topic Sub - topic
1. Beginning of the Workshop Who am I? Name/Profession/Experience
What I do?
Relation with Company! What Company Does? Purpose of the Training. What Will you get!
Program Outline
2. Professionalism in Teaching Why Teach?
Who should be a teacher?
What a teacher Wants? From Parents/ Students/ Staff/ Administration/ Management/ Community
Qualities of a Great Teacher !
Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct Vis-à-vis Professional Values and Relationship/Integrity/ Conduct/ Practice/ Development/ Collaboration
Duties, Rights and Responsibilities of a Teacher
3. Start of a New Session Know your Management/ School/ Principal/ Staff/ Parents/ Community Documents - School Vision/ Mission/ Motto Community Set-up
Know Your Child
Imbuing Responsibilities and Virtues of Being Humane

Admission Form

How kids relate to you

Purity/ Sacrifice/ Self-lessoness / Empathy/ Warmth/Softness/ Humility/ Generosity/ Kindness/
4. Classroom Management Procedures

What are They?

Why to have them?

When to start?

How to set Right procedures.

Removal of Wrong attitudes/ behavior and traits

5. Teaching And Learning Learning Styles


Aural( Auditory) Verbal





Modern Methodologies

Brain Storming Reciprocal Teaching Concept Maps Jigsaw

Story Maps

Story Sequencing Flip Teaching

Conventional Methodologies

Teacher Centered Approaches Students

Technology in Teaching

Use of Technology/ Use of Social Media STEMS

ICT/ Robotics Laboratory

6A. Leadership and Administration Leadership styles Pace Setting Leadership
Authoritative Leadership
Affitiative Leadership
Coaching Leadership
Coercive Leadership
Democratic Leadership
Pragmatic Leadership
Resonant Leadership
Leadership levels and respect for all
Traits required of a Leader Self awareness
Behavioural Skills
Reflection on Strengths and Blind-spots
Confidence and Self-reflection Resourcefullnes in Leadership
Brain storming in Leadership
Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
Teamwork and Collaborative Leadership
Small group Dynamics in Leadership
6B. Leadership and Administration Academic duties Academic Planning
Value based Curriculum design
Text Book Selection process
Time Table
Exam Scheduling and designing
CRO-Teachers' Counselling
Administrative Duties Management at Local Level
Implimentation of Management's policies
In-/ Out-of-school Correspondence
Teacher Resource Centre (Library)
Interviewing, Selection and Induction
Recruitment & Staffing
Exit policies and Termination
Parent Orientation Program
Staff Welfare
Relationship Management
Financial Management
Budgeting and Monitoring
Extra Curricular Responsibilities

Drafting & Correspondence with Management/ Staff / Parents/ Students Government Departments

Planning for Annual Day Sports Day

Speech Day Exhibition

Counselling/ Career oriented Lectures Teachers Orientation

Clubs & Hobby Centres

Delegation & Decentralisation of Duties

Core responsibilities- Discipline, Safety and Security, Hygiene

Secondary Responsibilities- Goal Setting with awareness of Community needs Different Work Groups (Committees) Discipline

Safety & Security Hygiene & Cleanliness Condemnation

Different Audits in Schools Academic Committee Examination Committee Event Committee Enlargement Committee

Welfare Committee - Staff & Students

7. Documentation and Records Academic Records
Administrative Records
8. Marketing and Branding of School Marketing & Branding
Public Relations
9. Life Skills and Value Why the Life Skills?
What are they?
10. Co-scholastic Activities What are they?
Inculcating Socially acceptable behaviour
Virtues of being Humane Purity/ Sacrifice/ Self-lessoness/ Empathy/ Warmth/ Softness/ Humility/ Generosity/ Kindness/Resilience
11. Morning Assembly Components Organising the assembly Daily Records Topics for Imbuing Responsibilities& Values
12. Examination Administrative Work

Planning Timing & Scheduling

Duty delegation

Scholastic Work

Question paper setting Blue Print

Evaluation Scheme

Designing effective Assessment Report-card comments

Remodelled Assessment Exam based evaluation
Internal Assessment (Rubrics - Development and Use)
13. Core Competency Teachers (PRT's/ TGT's/ PGT's/ Coaches for Activities- Hobbies/Clubs/ Sports)
Leaders (Section In-charges/ HOD's/Coordinators/ Vice-principals/ Principals
14. Office Administration Tasks

Documentation & Filing

Daily reports


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